AusCoaching was established as a forum to provide individuals and groups with access to Aboriginal Personal/Professional Coaches. To you and your organisation AusCoaching provides coaching enabling individuals to know themselves better and to better achieve their futures. AusCoaching works with individuals and groups to facilitate:

  • Leadership development
    • D.I.S.C. Model – Behaviours – what they are and how I manifest them
    • Workplace Motivators – what motivates and de-motivates us
    • Emotional Quotient – how aware are you of yourself and of others and how does that work for you and them?
    • Coaching
      • Navigational Coaching
      • Essential Conversations for Developing Others
  • Communication
    • Self Talk
    • Speaking with others
  • Discovering their passion
    • What do you allow to drive you and is it driving you in the direction you want to go?
  • Change management
  • Overcoming limiting self-beliefs
  • Conflict management