Profiling Tools

There are times when we wish that we knew why we or other staff do the things that we do, the way we do them or we wonder about how to know more about our/their performance generally.

Here’s an option for your consideration – five sciences of performance and assessments to measure each of them. The five sciences covered are:
1. The Science of Behaviour – HOW we behave and communicate, measured using the world famous DISC Profile.

2. The Science of Motivation – WHY we move into action, measured using the Workplace Motivators Profile.

3. The Science of Personal Skills – WHICH personal skills we have mastered and to what level, measured using the DNA Profile.

4. The Science of Acumen/Decision Making – WHAT personal talents we have at our disposal, measured using the Hartman Value Profile.

5. The Science of Emotional Intelligence – DO we have and use Emotional Intelligence, measured using the TTI Emotional Quotient Profile.

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