Christian Coaching

Article: Christian and Coaching

Julie has been involved in the faith community as a laity volunteer for the past 20years focusing work with women and young people. Julie firmly believes that Christians who receive coaching are better placed to align themselves to their supporting beliefs and to question and modify their limiting beliefs.

Specific Christian based tools are used to assist the individual or group to identify their spiritual gifts and spiritual pathways which in turn assist the Christian to identify their skills base and possible paid and volunteer employment options.

Coaching also provides the Christian with the skills to align what they do with what they want to do instead of doing what they do not want to do.

This faith-based knowledge enables individuals to achieve their full potential.
Regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you live, you were created not by accident, not to fumble through life, not to depend on “luck.” You were created for a divinely appointed purpose. Success and fulfilment consist in living that purpose.

Key Benefits

  • Alignment between what you know you need to do with what you are doing.
  • Understanding your greater purpose of life and living it
  • Cutting through the distractions to live the reality.